Distribution Amounts

Why am I receiving these Distributions?

We are required to pass through interest, dividends, and realized capital gains to you, our shareholders. A realized capital gain means we sold a stock or bond or one of the companies we invest in was acquired by a competitor. A short term gain occurs when this happens less than one year after our investment, and a long term gain when it has been more than a year since our investment. Interest and dividend payments are made by the bond and stock holdings periodically. We make four dividend distributions per year and one capital gains distribution per year (one for short term realized gains and one for long term realized gains, though they occur on the same date).

If you would like to know the specific investment activity that caused these gains, please contact our shareholder services team at 855-344-3863.

Each of these may have different tax impacts for those accounts that are taxed for dividends and capital gains. For taxable accounts, dividends and capital gains that are reinvested may still have tax consequences. Please consult your tax advisor on the taxability of activity in your DGIFUND accounts.

Calandar Year Record Date Ex-Date Payable Date Amount Distribution Type
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The Fund normally pays dividends, if any, quarterly, and distributes capital gains, if any, on an annual basis.

Income dividend distributions are derived from interest and other income the Fund receives from its investments and include distributions of short-term capital gains. Capital gain distributions are derived from gains realized when the Fund sells a security it has owned for more than a year.

The Fund may make additional distributions and dividends at other times if the Adviser believes doing so may be necessary for the Fund to avoid or reduce taxes. Distributions and dividends are reinvested in additional Fund shares unless you instruct the Transfer Agent to have your distributions and/or dividends paid by check mailed to the address of record or transferred through an Automated Clearing House to the bank of your choice. You can change your choice at any time to be effective as of the next distribution or dividend, except that any change given to the Transfer Agent less than five days before the payment date will not be effective until the next distribution or dividend is made.